Momo makes Moozikk

Aside from a summer of sessions and writing for the new Momo LP, Mr Peach found time to monkey around recording a special little piece for the third chapter of an acclaimed Bomo artists compilation – using music to help endangered animals.

Moozikk is not your average random playlist. Not only does it feature creative talent predominantly from the middle of the UK south coast in Bournemouth, it’s also in aid of charities working thousands of miles from there in various conservation projects around the world. The brainchild of heartfelt animal champion and Powderedcows front man, Martin Roberts, volume three is due for release in the autumn – this time in aid of the Endangered Ape Foundation, based in Florida.

Following previous compilations raising funds for Tree Foundation and The Oceanic Preservation Society, Moozikk 3 is, as Martin puts it, “the mixed ape mix tape” – raising support for monkeys, apes and prosimians rescued from the pet trade and illegal breeding programmes with original tracks from acts such as Not Made In China, Near Light, Young Knives, MT and, this time, Momo:tempo.

“Martin is quietly a bit of a creative legend in Bomo” says Mr Peach, “so I was very intrigued to be invited to submit something for Moozikk 3. Wildlife conservation charities don’t currently get quite the rock & roll attention of the more, shall we say, directly anthroprocentric aid agencies. But if charity’s aim is to give voice to the voiceless, that has to include the millions of beings we share our ecosystem with. Especially when a species is in danger directly because of us shaved apes. Martin’s heart is all over these records.”

Asked why he first compiled Moozikk, Martin says simply that it was more realistically practical than an airline ticket. “I can’t afford to go to various natural habitats and help with conservation directly, so I thought I’d put the skills I have into making a difference from home.”

“I can’t afford to go to Panama and help the Pygmy Three-Toed sloths, for example” he adds. “But I’m not the focus of the project – the focus of this should be how all my wonderful musician friends have taken time and effort to come together and help save animals via the medium of music, err, moozikk.”

Momo:tempo’s special submission to Moozikk 3, however, isn’t the usual monkey business you’d expect from the alternative electronic popster.

“No,” says Momo, “it’s not King Of The Electro-Swingers. Though thinking about it, it SO should have been. Or Funk Brass Monkey music, for that matter. I found myself writing something rather more thoughtful and vulnerable sounding, rather than the usual Tempo beats and ponsing posh poetry. And Martin gave the piece, Origins, the highest of praise when he said it sounded like “the TV sig tune to an 80s show about monkeys” – which is pretty much exactly what I was gunning for. Marvelous.”

Moozikk 3 will be out on digital and limited cassette in October.
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