Momo talks to Kairen Kemp, Radio Reverb

Tootling along the coast by train to visit the good city of Brighton, Mr Peach was the special guest of BBC producer and Radio Reverb presenter, Kairen Kemp – with predictably eccentric and enthusiastic results, as you can now hear.

Tuning in to the south coast community station during any given week, you can hear all manner of unusual music and speciality shows on Radio Reverb. And on Sunday afternoon at the beginning of May, the Brighton broadcaster rammed home its eclectic credentials by inviting Timo Peach of Momo:tempo on air, to share a couple of tunes of his own, and a couple of tunes of other people’s.

Mr Peach took the opportunity to blather on about this and that, including explaining why Bomo is his home town and not Milan. And also why he thinks the new EP by fellow Bournemouth artists Powdered Cows – out that week – sounds accidentally a bit like Bowie in Berlin. Or something.

Ms Kemp and her guest also briefly ponder the word suave and how best to pronounce it.

As if you could resist listening to the conversational results right here, now, eh?

Huge thanks to Ms K for the very warm welcome and blatant enthusiasm about eccentric daft music.

Momo talks to Kairen Kemp, on Mixcloud.

The Kairen Kemp Show at Radio Reverb

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