“UNDO” is to be the next single – and now it has a daft video.

Rampage Studio produce a splendid new film for Momo’s sort-of new tune. Though this involves more dancing, unfortunately.

It was due to be the first release from Momo:tempo’s new material and forthcoming LP, but was nudged out of the way by another musical upstart in the summer. Now, though, after a few fun blows-out live and some months on preview, Undo finally gets to come out as a proper single.


Devised and directed by Ben Campbell, and produced by his team at Rampage Studio in London, Undo inspired a fast pace of story-telling from the long-time Momo amigo and film maker.

“Ben got it instantly,” says Mr Peach, “but then, we’ve been working together for years, so he knows the Momo vibe very well.”

Having scored a couple of Silver Bell’s short films years ago – the imprint Ben released productions under at the time – Momo:tempo went on to produce scores for four series of Sophie Grigson’s travel cookery shows,which Ben directed and produced, as well as various other TV projects, commissions and collaborations.

“We enjoy working together, for sure” nods Momo. “It’s the serious work of play for both of us, I think – getting away with making something fun happen along the road of developing a creative business. All while working with a fellow gentleman and mate – Ben has as keen a sense of whimsy as he does practicality, I’m pleased to say, so working with him and the Rampage crew is never dull, but never chaotic, either.”

“Plus, of course, he’s done an enormous amount to encourage Momo over the years. Tempo monster Disfunkshun was originally written for one of his short films, as was Up In The Party, and as the Electro Pop’s Orchestra we’ve even performed one of the pieces written for one of his TV shows, Trailblender. We’d talked about doing a video for ages and suddenly, the opportunity arrived. It was Ben’s bold idea to get it done in time for the BBC Introducing session and he and Dan and Carlos and the others nailed it for the deadline. Amazing.”

Indeed, revealed on Melita Dennett’s BBC Introducing South show on Sunday 18th November 2012, Undo‘s new video garnered 100 hits in 12 hours, which is a lot for little Momo.

“We performed the track live to finish our set on air that night, and so we were getting wild Facebook and Twitter comments about the show and the crazy new film – tremendous fun, obviously. Which is exactly what this video is – Ben’s background as an editor really shows in his directing, making the most of the tight gags of timing a lot of my tunes afford, and especially this one. Our tiny audience loves it – whether they’re eight or eighty.”

The video also features admirable stand-in silhouette performances from Rampage partner Carlos, as well as editor Dan and most notably Carlos’ flatmate Souki – who didn’t turn a hair at the film crew in her living room but professionally slipped into character for a couple of scenes.

“It all helps to bring alive Momo:tempo’s current vibe very very nicely, though it made me think again that I wish I’d studied harder at dance school” says Timo, pursing his lips.

Undo is currently slated for release in December, along with a remix and a B-side of another new Momo favourite, Dead Good. More details soon.

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