Wilf’s grand new signature tune

Famous music critic and part-time animation character, Wilf Turnbull gets a new theme for his opening titles, thanks to Momo.

Yep, the latest episode of Mr T’s musical musings and meanderings features a brassy new opening number by Momo:tempo – though not featuring any brass as such. Featuring instead, some splendid guitars by Wilf’s own Martin Rice, the piece was, admits Momo, a rare example of a piece not written specifically for the project.

“People often ask me if I find homes for commissions that didn’t make the cut in the end,” says Mr Peach, “but the truth is, they almost never do. It usually just seems right to start fresh with each new project and write to properly fit. ..Except in this case!” he grins.

For this, it would seem, is one of Momo’s favourite unused signature tunes. “Martin got it immediately – cracked out the sessions for it beautifully, right off. When the tune was then not selected for its original purpose, I saw a gleam in his eye. I was just dead pleased to see it out there at last – what’s not to love about this tune? Sounds like a 70s children’s TV show. Which is perfect for this.”

Wilf Turnbull has been writing critiques to rock and pop stars for years, and seems to have some mysterious support from both Martin and fellow musical chum, Mr Graham Wood – both of whom also play in splendid Nuevo New Wave band, The Seventynine.

Why not make a nice cup of tea, grab a Rich Tea or two, and watch Wilf’s latest episode, Dear Level 42.

And if you’d like to hear the the tune in full, and maybe pop it into a shuffle playlist to make you periodically feel unexpectedly sunny, grab an edit from Soundcloud.

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