A sneaky summer tinkle in a tent

Momo and Hazel Evans share the first ever performance of pieces from Adventures Into The Monochronium, at fledgling Dorset festival, Colourfest.

There’s no finer place for storytelling than an old wood. Probably. And this is just what brought Lighthouse Poole‘s artist in residence, Hazel Evans, to Colourfest in August. But not content with sharing guided tales beneath the pines with festival-goers, Hazel invited Mr Peach along to pinch a little stage in a marquee one warm afternoon and together share an experimental first ever set from their collaboration project with a small, bemused, apparently delighted audience.

One Momo In Time proved especially interesting – seeing these two eccentric English performers run around the wardrobe clock a little farcically, throwing sheets of big numbers into the crowd. ..Not something that would have made much more sense had you been there.

The upshot is: both can’t wait to share pieces from this evolving project in a larger setting soon. So keep your eyes peeled for more info. And meanwhile, why not check out the jolly title track on Soundcloud.

Many thanks to Sean Gardiner for photography.

Hazel and Momo perform One Momo In Time at Colourfest 2012Momo considers redesigning his bedroom to reflect the Colourfest 2012 marquee

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