Uh. Live.

Uh. Live.

I’m not dead.

Go on, you’d wondered.

No you hadn’t.

I’m very much alive and you know it. Not because you’ve been oddly stalking me and are sat at this very moment in the wardrobe right behind me; we both know there IS no wardrobe in here, and that it would therefore be a very conspicuous bit of undercover work on your part to smuggle one in just for the purposes of hiding in it.

No, you know full well that I am very much alive because you’ve read the odd pre-occupied promotional rant on Facebook or Twitter about how darned busy and alive I am. For you are a multi-occupational creature and don’t just occasionally nose at my blog for want of something much better to do, but also just occasionally you also find yourself reading the odd tweet or Facebook statup of mine for want of something better to do, even occasionally wrinkling the nose appreciatively here and there. Which I appreciate, because you mostly have plenty else better to do.

So, like, thanks.

The thing you therefore know in some passing background way is that I have been using this particular spell of aliveness to try very hard to make a deadline. A particular one, around all the more usual ones. A show-shaped one. Which is all terribly exciting, I’m sure.

The thing is, this next Momo show is more than just an hour of twitting about on stage requiring a few new arrangements doing for it, and a few rehearsals, and a few phone calls to get a few hugely talented men into the same place at the same time for. This one is also a bit of an extra challenge. For the deadline I am still jogging lamely towards as heartily as I can in my fatigued delirium is in fact a start line.

Yep. For this Saturday’s show at Sixty Million Postcards will not just be where we share the first performance of the first new single to be released from Momo’s new LP. No. Hold on to your trousers, no way is that just it.

..Well, don’t feel you have to grip them like that. We both know you’re over-doing the fake suspense more than I am there.

Really, this Saturday is the first coming-out of a re-boot for Momo:tempo. When it’s Momo:typo that is gigantically overdue for a re-boot, I know. But stop butting in. Nice as your enthusiasm is. After the Golden Age years, I’m moving into the I Can’t Give The Exciting New Album Title Away Yet years – with a new brand, rolled out across a new website and new promo gubbins. As well as the new actual music, of course.

It’s been a bit diverting. From here. But thankfully, as we’ve established, you’re not only here.

So Easter Saturday in Bomo and then one week later at Water Rats in London, Momo:tempo is showing off a new tune and a new look; the beginnings of. Leading to a full single and video release and website re-launch some time in May. Ahead of that new LP later in the year.

I could bring up too that I am in the middle of the friendly little score to a new TV project at the moment, with another starting very soon, while I am also just starting ideas for a rather exciting collaboration with Poole Lighthouse artist in residence, Hazel Evans. But I think we have enough excitement in one post for now. I’ll tell you more about those in due course.

I may even begin a new series of blog articles and goodness knows what in the summer, but let’s really not get carried away.

It’s enough to know that we both know that it’s good to still be alive. I for one plan to prove it reasonably emphatically as Easter Sunday ticks into its very first minutes this year in the most life-affirming way I know how.

If I’m still awake by then, of course.

See you soon.

The Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra, live at The Sixty.

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