The launch of a grand expedition, without the fanfare.

The launch of a grand expedition,
without the fanfare.

Well, so, here it is. Embarkation day.

Amid a flurry of… one bit of local publicity, and no oompah band on the quayside, the Momo:tempo debut LP sets sail today. Flourishing its topper to a tiny but appreciated handful of enthusiastic well-wishers.
For The Golden Age of Exploration has been released today. Into the wild.

It’s out as a download initially. Physical copies are still rather rare preview animals but proper CD editions will be available in due course, most notably to be picked up at live events.

Which, speaking of, no – didn’t happen this week as hoped. So we’re looking towards Christmas for a local live blast of some tunes from the album, plus one or two other treats we have in mind… if we can find a ruddy venue in our own town that’s suitably salubrious and happy to host a noisy horn section and an unfunny faux posh tit for forty minutes.

I’d like to say that I spent today doing press conferences and a glitzy launch do somewhere, or at least having coffee in a favourite civilised haunt, but I am, alas, tidying the temporary studio enough for a tech chap to find his way into it later. Bet Duke Ellington didn’t let printer problems slow him down. Never mind.

I’m also doing a few less than exciting-sounding administrative things and some little jobs for Momo clients that have been piling up after a couple of weeks of laters and earliers that have left me with more character than normal around the eyes.

Still, November 1 dawns as a good day, I must say.

Sunny and bright, with exciting early progress on the development of the new studio and some very nice early cuts of things to a couple of scores for the telly I have on at the moment. Pete the string pulled a blinder on Friday in particular, getting a session back to me for a couple of cues in time to make a first full episode cut to the client. Sounds sumptuous, and I wish I could post it already.

In the spirit of Russell Cotes

Meanwhile, the very nice Pat Gough from erstwhile local publication, The Daily Echo, was kind enough to take me to coffee one morning recently, and wrote up his impressions publicly right here. Lord knows why he and his editor thought it worthy of space on the flatplan, but still.

Very kindly too, Kerry Curtis, marketing manager of the Russel Cotes Art Gallery and Museum, allowed us to do our photo shoot in there.

It’s not explicit in the article but I was expressly keen for the chance to do so for two reasons – firstly because Mr and Mrs Cotes’ beautiful house is such a suitably sumptuous repository of their own mementos of exploration, but also because I so love the place as an icon of Bournemouth.

..And, okay, thirdly because I’ve long had a soft spot for the elegantly saucy statue at the top of the grand staircase. Girls in their knickers can be art, everyone.

I shall wax lyrical about the museum more in future, but I am humbly chuffed to be associated with the place in any small way. Go there, if you haven’t lately.

So. On to new adventures now? Definitely.

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