The dark celebrity barge.

The dark celebrity barge.

There is something darkly positive about the UK election result. It actually reflects something of what’s going on in the country – confusion. And dissatisfaction.

Something openly negative about the UK election result is that I have rediscovered my prejudicial, biased, reactionary old anti-Tory self. I thought it dead. De-evolved. A childish past. Turns out it might be a childish future.

I’m not proud of it. It’s not pretty. I am a neanderthal Liberal after all. Hoorah to Ya Boo politics.

..And >pthllpppthllpppthllpppthllpp< to all you fat Tory swines with your snouts in the trough of the poor working man, shouting for more baby to go with your venison. Boo yeah. If you wanna be da man, prepare to have it stuck to you.

Yes. Welcome to tonight’s edition of You’re Not Helping.

Anyway, the pressure is – to understate it just a yellow smidge – on Nick Clegg.

What can he do? Electoral reform is actually on the table. Lots of tables. It’s now or never, Nick. But how could he persuade the Conservatives to go near it?

Can we get a new Britain out of this exciting mess? Or just the same old long, brown, slow-moving British politics?

I think a nation of cynics knows. But for a weekend at least, this mess created a breath of fresh air.

Read Armando Iannucci’s take on election night, including the symbolism of a power-less BBC barge full of celebrities.

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