[ nar-sil-ep-see n. ]

I think I have now developed this condition.

After some concentrated weeks of staring at pictures of myself, I now spontaneously collapse asleep with boredom at the sight of my gurning phisog.

Think I’m quite ready for tomorrow’s holiday. Though by ‘ready’ I don’t remotely mean ‘ready’ I mean ‘wanting it’.

What with goofy publicity shoots and remixes and press packs and Facebook pages and goodness knows what else, it’s been all go with Momo:tempo these last few weeks. The new momotempo website is also up and I’ve been shaking it into acceptible shape. Looks rather nice, but needs all the music and pictures adding still. Don’t nag.

And none of this is mentioning perhaps the most pertinent fact here in the studio. Namely, that the very first outing of the Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra at the Troubadour has now had two band rehearsals – most notably with the brand new Horn Department.

To say we are excited is to discretely downplay how undone we look in the trouser department at the moment.

Plus, of course, up on stage I won’t have to look at me at all. You’ll be stuck with that.

Hopefully then, I at least will stay awake on the night.

Right, off on hols. See you in a week. Look after the place.

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