Seasonal cheers.

Seasonal cheers.

This may sound daft, but we have our tree up.

Well, you know – most years, we get most of the way through December before decorating. This year, we figured we’d go for a cheering American-style month-long holiday season. Had my first mince pie; had my first listen of Christmas Crooners this morning.

But kicking off the festive sing-song is a piece of work that Tempo has spent half the summer playing with – for tonight, the ad is premiering.

At 8.50pm, The Euronics will perform their brand new electrical soul classic, This Christmas you could save – right in the middle of The X Factor on ITV1.

Do please watch and cheer on little Mr Plug and his band.

And I wish I could be a fly on the wall of my long-suffering downstairs neighbours when they hear that bleedin’ tune come at them out of the telly instead of the ceiling.

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