“The Golden Age of Explora –


(Ready, everyone?)


“The Golden Age of Explora –

– whuh?

Oh bugger. What, still?

Right. Well so it’s too soon to do the big fanfare (sorry chaps – see you at Tuesday practice) but The Golden Age is none-the-less very close.

No, now less of that attitude. It IS nearly done.

Currently, these are the headlines:

• all horn sessions are done and edited into shape.
• cello sessions are done and awaiting mixes.
• almost all tracks are creatively finished.
• problem track Just passing through is almost on the mat but still slugging it out with me.
• awaiting strings for Waiting is a bit like being on holiday.
• we still have no opening micro track.
• we still have no album cover, but the cover artwork style is all together and looking fab.

So it’s, y’know, almost there. ‘So near’, etc.

It’s been a mammoth weekend. I’ve barely left the house. Between this and a fairly monsterous pitch for Typo, I’ve been bending the bean and the eyesight rather heavily.

But the end is in sight on both counts. If I dare believe it.

Now, clear up this tinsel and put away the chairs. Someone else needs the hall.

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