“Cheese so strong, it’ll blow your head off”.

“Cheese so strong,
it’ll blow your head off”.

There is a reason some creative friends call on Momo’s services.

While trying to deliver some sensible things, like designs for a little DM campaign and the build artwork for a couple of websites for a couple of Momo’s clients, I dropped into the groovy offices of Thinking Juice this time last week to chat through a pitch idea with Gellan.

“I’ve got you in for this,” he said, uncovering some scamps for a TV storyboard.

“It’s a singing inanimate household item I can’t identify for confidentiality reasons.” I said.

“That’s right,” he replied simply, “and if we win an award for most annoying advert this Christmas, I will feel we’ve done our job properly.”

He paused. “That’s where you come in.”

It goes without saying I suppose, that I subsequently found myself somehow squeezing in the time to write a 30-second demo of an unrestrainedly cheesy 70s Soul Group-style finger-clicking seasonal exhortation to buy certain retail goods. You’re not surprised, I can tell.

Tired and marginally deadline-pushed one evening, I found myself sitting in front of the mic at some 9.00pm, directly over the heads of the undoubtedly relaxing neighbours downstairs, feeling a bit grouchy, and having to loudly croon about ‘super-dooper savings’ or similar in four-part harmony through a forced grin. They can hear if you’re grinning or not, you know.

Gellan had the decency to play it in his packed pitch meeting a couple of days later.

If it’s had the same effect on them as it’s had on me every damn day since I released it into the wild, it will have blown his chance of ever getting to work with these people. They will be cursing him regularly for haunting their eternity with the damn thing. Some of them may even have ended it all, who knows.

Last time he briefed me to be even cheesier than normal – designing the packaging for Wyke Farms’ TNT cheddar, ‘cheese so strong it’ll blow your head off’ – we won an award. And had security advisors tell us it should be pulled from all supermarket shelves.

Don’t dare brief Momo:fromagio – I’ll give you exactly what you ask for every time.

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