Momo:Typo’s Top Five Rules of Creative.

Top Five Rules of Creative.

Found myself leaving this sage advice on Gellan’s wall this morning, following his Facebook status about doing a very important photoshoot today.

That is, I left point one as sage advice, and when this was so earnestly received by his creative team, I felt it might be useful for everyone to have these essential five core principles of Momo’s brand communications to hand, to guide them into the fearsome blank page.

Feel free to select as appropriate at any given creative crisis point.

When engaging in design work or advertising communications, always frame your approach around these five key rules, to guarantee strategic effectiveness:
1: Don’t muff it up.
2: Make it dead good.
3: Make the depth of field still narrower ( photographers).
5: Try adding an arrow.

And remember, don’t forget to finger pistol often. They’ll think you’re being ironic, but you’ll know you’re just being cool.

..I mean, who knew that Momo had a formula?


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