It’s still my favourite Jean Michel Jarre album, I feel.

Zoolook – that’s the one, obviously. The creative one. The one I’ll say I’m taking with me on Desert Island Disks, largely because of Ethnicolor. And because it’s sort of the original inspiration behind me making music at all.

But I slipped on the ol’ iPod headphones the other night, alone on the sofa, and found myself dialling up this old 1978 electronic record, Equinoxe, and just enjoyed it as an old, old friend. Beyond critical faculties.

I mention it only because today is the spring equinox. Day as long as night. A tipping point into summer, perhaps.

We’ve had a joyous week of consistent, high, sunny skies and still the houses beyond the studio window are bathed in warm evening glow at nearly half five on this Friday evening. Felt the sunshine for much of it too, though not all. But, y’know, some things are done as the week ends, other things are at least progressed, and a mezze platter with friends is waiting for me in town right now. So life is sunny overall, I know.

Plus, more importantly, I’m falling in love with a new tune I’ve produced for Sophie. Over twenty years, there’s been more than just French space music or Kraut techno pop influencing my writing, but I still feel as energised by finishing a new tune as ever I did back in the days I was recording in a shed on a four track.

Expect to hear a giant mix of Trailblender online sometime soon.

I am a tart. But it’s spring, so it’s good to get frisky in some way.

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