Oh, crikey. Can we really get through this? This last agonising day? Sitting on our hands and wondering.

It’s like watching football. Especially from my point of view, as a person who didn’t even begin to understand it until he watched an international match – it’s all so very real to your adrenalin gland, yet all so practically academic. How will it change my Wednesday either way? Really.

Now, if I was funny or creative, I’d punchline-out with something about the Glenrothes bi-election, and how I’ve been following it’s every move and, oh, is there something happening elsewhere, etc…

But anyway that’s on Thursday and I can’t be arsed.

I’m just not looking forward to the radio coming on tomorrow morning and, y’know… finding out.

It’s academic, you’re right. These things are probably more important at local club level, again you’re right. And the heroes on the pitch can sometimes turn out to be prize twits without a steadycam running along the touchline beside them. I know. ..I also know the US presidential elections should sooner have a baseball metaphor than a ‘soccer’ one. I know.

But my point is, we get very excited about England’s chances of possibly one day maybe qualifying for an international tournament again, when all they stand the slimmest hope of ultimately winning is a trophy and some sponsorship.

The winner tonight gets to take home the Free World and the keys to our burnt-out, sitting-on-bricks economy.

And I so want that guy to at least have a fighting chance of being able to out-live Sarah Palin’s time in the VP’s office.

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