The last few days have been weird. Distant as we’ve been from the bedside, it’s coloured everything.

I’m sitting in an office in Eindhoven, somewhere on an industrial estate on a changeable Thursday afternoon, killing time before a flight back to the UK and a train ride to a ferry bound for France. And this doesn’t help the weird.

I enjoy meeting people. And I enjoy discovering that Momo can help them in some way – working for yourself as a creative is a firmly cool lifestyle, even if many of the professional challenges are far from arty farty. I hope today’s meeting and my madcap Presentation On A Train turns into a good little project for the studio and some helpful results for the people I’ve met.

But it’s the people I’ve lost that are on my mind. Losing a friend and seeing friends lose loved ones is no respecter of the To Do list. Sitting so far from the studio, knowing I won’t be back in it until the middle of next week and knowing some clients are jumping up and down about it just adds to the distance I feel about it. I just want to walk away from the schedule altogether. Do the things I most care about.

What I want to do is find a way to fill the hole that Jon has left in his family.

And, much as I love words and pictures, I need to find a way to spend more of my time making musical creative. Making tunes. Before the time or the energy for making a joyful noise is lost.

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