Here’s the truth. The bitter truth.

I’m thirty-seven, and I still regularly email Radio One. And still get really stupidly pleased when they read out my carefully composed emails.

‘Annie – I think it’s obvious that what the kids are really waiting for in the Last Blast is for you to drop the Erol Alkan mix of Romanca by Kraljevi Ulice and 75 Cents – Croatia’s 2008 entry to the Eurovision song context. Not enough Balkan beer drinking songs on Radio 1.

Momo and Caz xx’
Bless her Friday night socks, Annie Mac refers to us as regular Can’t Stoppers these days. She read out the whole convoluted thing and laughed. And I did a little dance round the studio. And then caught the pathetic figure I was cutting in the finally night-time summer window. So I picked up the empty pizza box and meekly shuffled to the kitchen to put the kettle on and to turn down the disco.

The thing is, I think I’ve had dozens of name checks by the very nice Irish squelchy beats lady over the years and I still email in like a ten year old girl. Think I like the little cheer from Caroline from wherever she is in the flat.

..And, in fact, the thing really is that I’m almost as regular on Fi Glover’s Saturday Live program on Radio 4. Ask Lisa Basset. And this week I even got name-checked in her newsletter email…


Oh my good lord.

Someone make me go on holiday.

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