Ice creams. Socked feet. Very hairy dogs. These are things that don’t like heat.

I, however, am so stunned by how unusual – how genuinely weird – it feels to have had all the windows in the flat open for a week, with balmy warmth blowing through them, that I couldn’t care if I melted all over the deck in the garden. And anyway, I have my socks off and my jeans rolled up, padding around the wooden studio floor like a jolly Jack Tar in a sailor’s musical.

How fab is this weather? It’s like a full-on, actual summer. SUMMER! Here – in the UK.

So, bliss factor is high… sort of.

Well, it’s work, isn’t it? Work has been more full-on since the full-on happy weather and I’ve had to peer out at the glorious play-time brightness from the electronic gloom of my Mac screen. Seem to have had a nasty confluence of deadlines all for about, er, now – today. But I’m still alive, even after so many late nights and work-throughs that I’ve had a sleep-hindering excess of adrenalin.

As Gellan said, you can kind of end up leading a double life (..triple. Triple life if you count the weekend vaudeville) – what your head’s doing and what your body is doing. Momo is keeping me pretty all-round engaged and plugged in and generally enjoying the projects on the go – but body is inexplicably telling me to tone down the heat a little.

But it’s all good. Hols are in the diary at last – at long last – and there are good things on all over the Momo schedule.

Had a good few meetings this morning and the monster branding work Thinking Juice and Momo are partnering on seems to be still out-working nicely. I’ve been nerdily developing a brand book – which is only fun if you’re the particular kind of nerd that likes explaining to people why Helvetica is such a great choice for their brand comms.

Anyway, fonts, pantones, FTPs and giant EPSs aside, I’ve been listening to the early mixes of The Golden Age Of Exploration while my palpitating heart has been forcing me to take long walks on the beach and all this has done is get me all the more worked up and over-excited.

I’m obviously well creatively blind to the whole thing now, but I’m loving being so close to completing an album. And such a cheeky one too. ..You’ll see what I mean when I force you to come to the launch party at the end of the summer.

If I don’t explode in one of the many types of heat I’ll be experiencing before then.

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