News travels fast.

News travels fast.

So many giant things seem to vie for attention if you ever have the misfortune to turn on the news, but it’s often the small things – or the individuals – that seem to really affect you. Or you feel able to respond to meaningfully.

I wanted to chew over the situation in Gaza one more time; find a way to shake the tree of it. Throttle the frigging life out of it. But somehow the will seeped out of me.

I wanted to explore why I’m so instinctively hoping for Obama – despite his conspicuously vague Actual Policies – for the indefensibly trivial, worldly, dreadfully politicianal reason that he’s such a natural orator. He’s black, and he’s funny. Aparently. But is it enough? Why does it feel like enough? Please let it be enough.

I wanted to cry for little Shannon when they actually found her alive. But there’s nothing more to say there, is there.

I wondered too about the untimely – call it early – loss of Anthony Minghella. He surely had so much creative work still ahead of him. Someone who championed British film and British creative talent – what a sudden loss. What a fabulous selection of films to leave mankind in your wake. Makes you think too.

And, considering I’ve just sent another shipment of artwork to Shanghai, I’m sure I could certainly be exploring the growing challenge of China – Tibet and Ten Downing Street’s moral vaguery, or the world’s new favourite trading buddy’s backdoor to Burmese oppression. It’s a tickler, isn’t it?

Hey, and where would anyone even start with the state of the economy in America, or Still President Bush’s declaration that the war was worth it, or… or a thousand other stories. Big and impossible.

Nope, much as you may wish higher things for yourself – a nobler application of one’s self – your brain will always tell you what’s really important to you. The ol’ subconscious lets you know, you know? Makes clear what you’re really giving a fig for.

Lastnight I dreamt I was offered a lift by Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, on the lookout for a new presenter for… oh, shite. I’ll just leave it there; you get the point.

I need to get OUT…

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