Back to normal.

Back to normal.

Are we? Don’t know, really. Momo’s ramped up to speed this week, which is good, I guess. And Caroline’s back at college; the upshot of both being that we locked ourselves into the studio again lastnight with Pete, Annie and a fruity Rioja to try and Stay On It. Or perhaps, Get Down On It. All very nice; very funky and productive even, but we had to draw the line at Kissy Sell Out, who kept shouting at us how much the tunes he was playing from only about a year ago reminded him of school… Yep, I’ll concede you can only listen to Radio One for so long, even on a Friday night.

So we’re knackered. And feeling a bit old. And in need of time away; I’ve found myself trying not to cry at episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine this week – emotion that should not speak its name but be simply bundled off to Brugge for a recouperative weekend, I think. Working on it.

But right now, we’re having to work all weekend, despite pained eyes. Umpteen deadlines all at once.

Still, two nice things to wake up to: my first ever collection of Django Reinhardt plopped through the door this morning, and Fi Gawdblesser Glover made a joke to a cultural hero of mine on my behalf – “Nitin Sawhney is our studio guest star this week and listener Tim Peach tells us that someone once said it is easier to list the things you can’t do than those you can. He’d like me to ask you what they both are, respectfully…” He chuckled and said simply: “Cooking and driving.”

Hah! Knew there had to be something.

Hmm. But he also feels no need to write into radio shows and then blog the results.

..Don’t care, Fi Glover spoke my name to Nitin Sawhney while I lounged in bed. An auspicious start to Saturday…

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