Saw Dad again yesterday. Things are in a bad way.

He’s not improving his ability to eat or keep his stomach settled. A month of this in his condition is… not good. The virus seems too hefty for him to shift, which sounds like the bug that hospitals across the UK are apparently struggling with. Don’t know.

All I know is, Dad is basically very ill. And we all feel helpless, while waiting for tablets to work and doctors to call.

At the same time, I think of my brother-in-law’s father, pastor of their big Baptist church. The chap who married us, in fact, and a big part of our family in Sussex. He’s currently in hospital awaiting a delayed re-bypass operation to try and stop an infection in the original valve replacement, done a few weeks ago. Doctors have had serious expressions around his bedside over the last two weeks. Another larger-than-life man in a grave condition. Another family trying to get on with normal stuff while waiting around for news. And praying.

Thing is, this is normal stuff. And under the circumstances, so is praying. Let’s just see how today pans out.

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