Dad. And Dad.

Dad. And Dad.

He had been making remarkable progress. They had taken most of the lines out of him and were daring to contemplate life at home for him. Mum had finally been let out of hospital and had a few days at home at long last, ready to start thinking about the future of care for my Dad. But in the end, he’d fought for long enough.

We had a call at 4.00am this morning. Dad died soon afterwards.

We’re okay. We’re all kind of okay. Wish I could say more – there’s much I could, but it’s only twelve hours in and this is just a blog. But my Dad is no longer suffering.

..Wish it was a neat as that, however. Sixteen hours before that call, we’d had another one. My brother in law’s dad, David, died one night previous. In the space of a day, Caroline and her sister had both lost their fathers, because that’s what both men really were to them. A personal thing to say, and a testimony to both of them. The first of many.

So we’re juggling families. And feelings. And practicalities.

Will let you know more details here in time; the blog’s been useful to let friends know the news for our folks. And everyone’s texts and thoughts have been very kind, very helpful and no surprise at all. Bless you guys for being our family – Mum and Dad were always so pleased you’ve been there for us.

A little more when we have time.


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