Autumn colours, winter blues.

Autumn colours, winter blues.

Weird. Worrying? Welcome; Momo isn’t a frenzy of screams and clamours and phone calls and general jumpings up and down. I don’t think I’ve had such a civilised week in two years.

Of course the studio never has nothing happening in it. I’m still trying to think of a proper ending-in-o suffix for the new branch of the business that Caroline has established – she’s annexed half the space, technology, time and effort of the company to studying Urban Design but I’m blowed if I can make it fit the brand properly. I will – have no fear – this kind of creative time-wasting is what I’m clearly best at.

But despite her mad deadlines and my pile of things to do at all times, we took off a whole day on Sunday. Just sort of happened. And what a day to go for a walk in the forest. Just think:

Reasons Why We Live Here
(absence of mountain vistas and a decent music scene not withstanding)
1: People who are prepared to look past our character flaws and invite us in for tea live here.
2: We own a flat here and it makes sense to live in it.
3: The New Forest is cycling distance away and eye-wateringly pretty at this time of year.

Yes, it’s true. We went for a walk in the Autumn sunshine from Standing Hat near Brockenhurst and the trees and the colours and the light and the air and the relaxed beauty restoredeth the souls. I just so bloody love living here sometimes. Most times. Been grateful since I was a kid, in fact. Because all this niceness never takes you far from a shop or a rail link to London.

Sad to say that Mum and Dad, however, have been feeling more wintery than back-to-school chirpy. Mum has been badly ill since Dad came back from hospital. Been a cyclical thing all year and the doctors don’t yet know what it is. Poor things are so down about everything and I don’t at all blame them. They were hoping to get out into the forest themselves this week but I suspect it didn’t happen. Shame. They need a little soul-restoring more than many at the moment.

Going round there now, in fact. Because, obviously, they’re a pretty big reason why we live here too.

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