Rannygazoo. Word of the day. Say it with me: “rannygazoo”.

Who knew? All these years enjoying the finest radio feature produced by eight decades of BBC output, Swannycazoo, on I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, and I’d missed that there was an extra layer to it. Not simply the timeless format of reproducing popular songs and melodies using only a swanny whistle and a cazoo, but a play on words. Silly and cerebral, how marvellous.

Use it today .. rannygazoo. It means a jape. A joke. A prank. In the style of, say, posh edwardian chaps pulling the wool over a chum’s eyes for comradely hilarity. It’s origins, unsurprisingly then, are in PG Wodehouse or thereabouts.

Not to be confused with Hullaballoo, Runnyaspoo or Fannymcgrew. But try it out for size – as long as you remember health and safety.

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