The Momo:tempo Electro Pops Orchestra is an evolving line-up of quietly freaking amazing musicians. And some bloke at the front pulling faces. All of them making a big noise.


We’ve had the wheels off the live shows for a little while now, as the bloke from Momo himself has been waist-deep in the new epic daft big project in the studio, and maestros take breaks for other things. Meanwhile, however, why not catch an edit of one of Momo’s shows at Jalarra:

Momo:tempo Live at Jalarra

A hairy riot of beats and big tunes, the live sound of Momo typically features a six-piece cast of players – including a three-part brass section, live percussion and live drums, lead by Momo’s trademark spoken word and karaoke baritone, along with a little bit of piano and synthesiser bothering.

An all-original playlist bringing alive Tempo tunes old and new, a Momo show is a rare treat, unlike anything you’ve quite seen live before. And with every show, the story grows.

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