The brand new single is the first reveal from the forthcoming futurism project from Bournemouth music maker and creative, Timo Peach, featuring Hazel Evans.

For immediate release.

“A sonic manifesto… When passion, obsession and sheer, f***ing naughtiness collide with tip-top clever bastard business, it’s going to be great and it is.” UNPEELED on Sweetseeker

Momo:tempo’s unique electronic new wave sound is back, and more synthed-out than ever – and this time, the uncategorisable south coast electro-pop cabaret character is on a bit of a mission. Into space. Taking with him on this particular ride, the artist, writer and performer Hazel Evans.


Musically, each piece from the new LP explores a different trope of scifi. As Mr Peach says himself: “The sound of science fiction has roamed the many worlds of electronic music. For my little look at the socially engineered society, the sound had to be modernist and classically synthwave.”

Behave New World is the first glimpse into the latest playful sonic world of Momo, since the electro-funk filmscore of 2015’s Thespionage – but the forthcoming new LP is, he says, growing rather beyond him into a multi-platform performance exploring the themes of futurism through science fiction. Stemming from an original thesis written around his findings as he began the project as a music album, there is even an original short film by director Andy Robinson in pre-production as part of the resulting planned experience. To help amigos follow his progress to revealing much more of all he’s been developing over the last two years, the new single also herralds the launch of a new weekly podcast – Unsee The Future: how to encourage the more hopeful human tomorrow – in which Mr Peach explores different aspects of what a sustainable human-planet future might look like.

The first live show in over two years is in the pipeline for early 2018, leading towards planned first iterations of the installation performance, with the LP set to drop in the spring.

Behave New World is available on digital platforms Monday December 8 2o17.

Featuring Hazel Evans, with Martin Rice on guitars and Pete Whitfield on violins.

For more information, contact Momo on +44 (0)1202 433811

Please note: Video is embargoed for sharing until 8th December.



Treehouse Digital are one of the most creative film making teams in the south, based just up the road from Momo, and when he approached them to consider the whole forthcoming project, they were, he says, a joy-ful of creative ideas. “They are people who love what they do, and have attracted a core family of all the talents around them for making evocative film” he says. “From the core idea they had for this, through to the way they lit everything, and encorporating some of digital artist Martin Coyne’s projection work, they created something special, matching a wonderful graphic feel to Hazel’s simple, perfect presence in the centre of it all.”


The bloke from Momo:tempo, Timo Peach, music artist and creative.


Timo Peach and Hazel Evans have worked together on many projects guesting in each other’s work, including Momo’s score to the 2016 installation The Observationarium.