Where are you? You’re in the online home of Momo:tempo, and you’re very welcome. You can put your feet on the ice-cool leather sofas and everything. Drink?

Momo is the creative production house of independent composer, producer, chap rappist and arty blighter Timo Peach – or Tim, or TC, or Timothy Charles if you want to get suddenly serious. Or just Mo. Together with other creative friends, Momo gets up to various things instead of holding down a proper job, much of which here, for the sake of argument, is >clears throat< alternative fringe-funk electro-pop cabaret. Sort of.

Okay, so enough of the third person – it’s me under the mask, look. Wow, that thing’s hot. So, what’s on your mind?

If you’re new to Momo and you’d like to hear some examples of what I/we do, just click straight to the Demo pages to hear loads of nice musical ideas. They ARE nice.

Alternatively, if you’d like a little creative support for something, then why not get in touch via the Info page? I don’t bite, and we could have fun. Show yourself around.