When Lighthouse Poole‘s visual artist in residence first approached Momo, it was with a mind to “bring a sonic dimension” to her lush illustration and evocative poetry work. ..Naturally, once they were in a room together, it snowballed.

A springboard for collaboration with a number of south coast artists, Adventures Into The Monochronium is an exhibition that brings together marks, words and sounds in a unique way – a gentle forest of thoughts, ideas and stories.

The album of this evolving body of work is a journey around the clock – an enigmatic series of 12 musical moments and little tales that betray a deeper connected story beneath their playful folklore, if you’re listening for it.

But while the journey and the spoken voice is Hazel’s, this colourful monochrome world accommodates many other voices – with Momo adding his own clear tones all around an undulating musical landscape of synthesisers, strings and sweeping melodies.

Soon to be released on iTunes, souvenir physical copies are still available at the exhibition itself until 1st August.

In the mean time, enjoy the opening title track right now:
Find Adventures Into The Monochronium on Soundcloud