Life’s A Pitch

The popular south coast creative scene podcast opened its second season with the bloke from Momo, asking him what on earth he thought art was. At least, they got an answer to this question, whatever it was they asked.


When Nabil and Viraj  asked Timo to join Life’s A Pitch, our man was chuffed – for he would be joining…

CURSING THE FUTURE: Coping with now in twenty C-words


When Momo was invited to close the inaugural Open Sauce in October last year, he decided to hint at things to come, addressing some ideas that are driving his next big project.

It involved, uncharacteristically for him, writing and learning word-for-word a very exact performance – for the successful south coast ideas networking event formats its speakers into Pecha…



Nickelodeon’s new animated short has Mr Peach tuning up his jungle drums to follow the charming, colourful prehistoric action.


When illutrator Benedict Bowen invited Momo:tempo to join him and Karrot Entertainment in the swampy everglades and ignious plains of ancient Earth, none of them had much of a clue whether the bloke from Bournemouth could score a cartoon. Or get…

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