Many different partners have worked with us over the years and. frankly, we want to show off their collectively amazing talents.


Everyone here has helped Momo do much more than Mr Peach could alone – so go give them some work. Or at least buy them a drink – you could easily gas away an evening with any of our splendidly interesting friends. We’ll be adding to this list imminently and tracking down links for as many of them as possible.

Patrick Hayes – Trombone, bass, additional arrangements
John Herbison – Trumpet and Flugel Horn, additional arrangements
Pete Whitfield – Violins
Mark Adkins – Drums
Simon Lockyer – Cello
Simon Mellish – Percussion
Martin Rice – Guitars
David Ruff – Saxophone and Flute
Barney Lowe – Trumpet
Johnny Griffiths – Saxophone
Tom Walsh –Trumpet
Mark Crowe – Saxophone
Reuben Fowler – Trumpet
Ben Taylor – Upright bass
Kevin Marshall – Guitars and mandolin
Dominic Johnson – Guitars and plucked instruments



As well as our instrumental allies, Momo’s other creative friends are just as essential to our artistic life:

Hazel EvansFine art and performance
Treehouse Digital
Film production
Rampage Studio
TV and music video production
Toby James Creative
Integrated design, web creative
LoveLove Films – Film production
612 Media – Film, photography and location services
Sarah Grace Harris – Fine art
Strawberry Fields Represents – Creative promotion and representation