Connections, coexistances and courage.

Connections, coexistances and courage.

April 5, 2017

Watching anything at all of the footage from the latest chemical attack in Syria might sum up how we most of us feel watching the news generally today – so appalled we turn away. Because how do we cope? Our world system as it is produces such things. Leaders who think chemical attack is okay. And all manner of other homicidal strategy. And other leaders who don’t know what to do. It’s overwhelming.

It lead me to a little philosophical Twitter stream this morning that was evidently my brain trying to remind me of something or other. Pompously messianic in undertone no doubt. Here it simply is, for thought:

Been thinking that many debates of now are really about whether we think anyone can affect real change in life. At all. Cynics or utopians?

Are you an old cynic or an old utopian? I’d argue the first is more comforting than the second.

If you secretly believe ‘nothing will ever change’, realistically what is the direction this leads in? And the opposite? Direction. Aim.

For those of us more connected than ever, watching the unfathomably awful and complex interconnectivity of human life chez C21 is too much.

Distraction and flooding. The two assaults, I feel, on the modern mind. Either way they hinder connection. And connection is humanity, baby.

Making connections is what makes us who we are. Humans evolved to be aggregative learners – sharers. Compositors. Not calculators.

You might say: “I’m no hero. The world is shaped by special people.” I would say, remember: Entrepreneurs break ground, farmers make ground.

Interesting, our need for superheroes. Superman to rescue us. But the explosion superhero stories grows the family of freaks… to all of us?

We may dream of superpowers we’ll never have but I hate to break it to us: We, mate, ARE the superheroes. The freaks. And the only hopes.

If, as someone made me think recently, ‘dystopias and utopias co-exist’, then we have much creative work to keep doing. Making the reality we want to believe in.

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